• For Cooking

    Light up your stovetops and barbeques at home and out on camping trips and picnics so you can cook over a fire anywhere.

  • For Any Fires

    Our fuel crackles and pops like a real fire flame that is clean and controlled to use indoors and outdoors.

  • For Open Flames

    The perfect fire starter to use in all types of bioethanol fires, our premium quality fuel is versatile, multipurpose, and effective.

  • Convenient Resealable Bottles

    It is easy to pour out and dispense the fuel from our resealable bottles into anywhere you need to add fuel.

  • Gel & Liquid Fuel

    Our bioethanol fuel comes in clear
    gel form with easy to use gel pump application, and in liquid fuel form.

  • Non-Toxic Bioethanol

    For clean ventless burning that causes no harmful fumes or soot, is odorless and smokeless, and environmentally friendly.


For healthy family use and sustainable for mother nature, we manufactures the cleanest eco-friendly bioethanol fuel since 2007.