About Us

Fine and Clear has emerged to establish its footing and join the charge as a company invested and responsible for taking action, fueled by its understanding that we live in a world with steadily changing environmental issues. With their mission of getting involved against these pressing matters facing our world today, Fine and Clear comes fully committed. These goals and strategies focus on developing products that represent their emotional investment that continues to loom over their heads to add manufacturing contributions while doing their part in trying to find retail accommodating solutions to the environmental crisis.

Beyond their core products, Fine and Clear is more than just focused on protecting the environment or distributing medical and OTC enhancements. They also stay true to a vision of developing and providing products that help preserve those special times, those family times, those traditional hearth moments shared with close circles, and the warmth expressed and shared from being with our loved ones.

Its mission is to deliver products that aid its buyers' sense of nostalgia, bringing them back to the days of friends and family and producing lasting memories.
Fine and Clear is the gateway to those essential tools to hone in and enhance cherished spaces in time, to support and encourage healthy outdoor activities and indoor festivities.

At Fine and Clear, they believe in maintaining strong ties with theircustomer base and the importance of producing products that promise to add to the future of innovation and merit. They understand that in the coming years, it will be mandatory for companies' product development to lean towards securing a green
standard and sustaining a safe and healthy way of life. Fine and Clear, with a clear vision, understands the advent on the horizon for developing products that are key modernizations for the environment and the family structure, and the overall enjoyment of our loved ones and friends. Fine and Clear is about producing a system of tenets and missions fueled by the desire to push the envelope past common expectations for products that will sail into the future.



    - SDA 40B

    - SDA 3C

    - CDA 12A

    Ethanol Flame Fuel

    - Liquid fuel

    - Gel Fuel


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    602 Yeongdong-daero, Samseong 1(il)-dong,

    Seoul Korea



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Our Facility

Fine&Clear production lines are fully equipped in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities. All our facilities are fully certified by ISO and GMP and fully registered on US FDA to make safer and more reliable products for our customers.

  • - FDA Drug Registration

    - FDA Establishment Registration

    - ISO 22716 (GMP)

    - ISO 9001

    - USPTO 008726446B2

    - USPTO 9510667B2

    - KRPTO 10-2019-7013060

    - JPPTO 2017-513595