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12 Pack Gel Type Bio Ethanol Flame Fuel 16.9 oz & 2 oz Bonus Gel Refill

12 Pack Gel Type Bio Ethanol Flame Fuel 16.9 oz & 2 oz Bonus Gel Refill

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Do you have a hangup about handling raw ethanol fuel? Do you fear the possibility of accidental ingestion, unexpected sudden spillage, or discharge? Put your fears to the side. Fine and Clear has added the perfect countermeasure to their product line for your fuel handling concerns and storage. Fine and Clear Ethanol Gel Fuel (500mL/16.9oz) is the answer to high-quality, clean-burning fuel gel that will produce long-lasting, elegant fires for all your indoor or outdoor bioethanol burning activities.

Formulated from high-grade natural fermentation and distillation, Fine and Clear Ethanol Gel Fuel provides a convenient and easy-to-use approach to fire ignition and maintenance. Environmentally friendly, users can enjoy the benefits of a cozy fire without the drawbacks of dangerous fumes, smoke, soot, and residue. Allow for easy outdoor transport and storage without worry of loss or waste. This gel fuel is the perfect asset for weekend getaways, nature hikes, and camping trips. At Fine and Clear, green safety and quality are key.

  • 200 proof 40B ethanol (100% alcohol) denatured with denatonium benzoate and tert-butyl alcohol with added polymers.
  • High grade ethanol burning fuel gel. Processed from natural corn fermentation and distillation.
  • Clean burning fuel gel with no worries of dangerous fumes, after soot and residue.
  • Great for all types of bioethanol fire activities whether indoor or outdoor such as Ethanol Fireplace, Tabletop Free Stand Firepit, Camping Stove, Chafing Fuel, etc.
  • Allows for worry free transport with no fear of spillage or loss.
  • Works with bioethanol fireplaces, ethanol tabletops, burners, mantels, fire pots, tiki torches, alcohol stoves, chafing cans, and alcohol burners with pots.
  • Made in the USA
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