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12 Pack Liquid Type Bio Ethanol Flame Fuel 16.9 oz & 2 oz Bonus Gel Refill

12 Pack Liquid Type Bio Ethanol Flame Fuel 16.9 oz & 2 oz Bonus Gel Refill

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Nothing brings family and friends together more than to enjoy and bask in the warmth of a sensual burning fire. Fine and Clear's Ethanol Fireplace Fuel (500mL/16.9oz) is environmentally safe and the prime choice in fireplace ignition starter fuel. Enjoy those special fireside chat circle times with your significant other as you cozy up next to your fireplace. Restaurateurs, stay free of mind knowing that your open grills, fire pits, and hibachis are safe and secure without worrying about contaminating fumes, smoke, and dangerous fall out after ignition.

This eco-friendly fuel allows for slow burning will little CO2 and water vapor emission. Pellet and bioethanol fireplaces are on the rise as people look for alternative methods for heating utilities that are affordable, energy-efficient, and favorable to preserving a green lifestyle. Fine and Clears ethanol fireplace fluid allows for safe fireplace flame production for proper heat distribution for overall space and house warmth. Its clean burning properties are energy efficient, non-polluting, and climate-friendly, with no smells, residue, toxins, or soot buildup in your chimney.

  • 200 proof 40B Bio Ethanol (100% alcohol) denatured with denatonium benzoate and tert-butyl alcohol.
  • High grade Bioethanol burning fuel. Processed from natural corn fermentation and distillation.
  • Clean burning fuel and environmentally friendly, with no worries of dangerous fumes, after soot and residue.
  • Great for all types of bioethanol fire activities whether indoor or outdoor such as Ethanol Fireplace, Tabletop Free Stand Firepit, Camping Stove, Chafing Fuel, etc.
  • Works with bioethanol fireplaces, ethanol tabletops, burners, mantels, fire pots, tiki torches, alcohol stoves, chafing cans, and alcohol burners with pots.
  • Made in the USA.
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