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Manhattan Stove Tabletop Fire Pit

Manhattan Stove Tabletop Fire Pit

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MANHATTAN STOVE TABLETOP FIRE PIT – Enjoy a safe and cozy little fire on any tabletop with Fine & Clear Manhattan Stove Tabletop Fire Pit! It is super easy to install and have safe open flames on any surface. It is made of sturdy and durable concrete material with a fuel chamber lid finish. Power up this small portable fire pit with our Bio Ethanol Fuel that will easily get a fire going. It is a free standing tabletop installation and perfect to use on-the-go anywhere, indoor or outdoor.

NON-TOXIC BIO-ETHANOL POWER SOURCE – This fire pit uses Bio Ethanol fuel as its power source. Our premium quality bioethanol fuel is compatible with this fire pit stove and is safe for use as we rigorously test our fuel products to ensure that air quality from fuel burning is clean, safe, and non-toxic. Natural non-toxic bioethanol allows for clean ventless burning and causes no harmful fumes or soot. It is odorless, smokeless, safe to use fuel that crackles and pops like a real fire flame.

PREMIUM QUALITY – Fine & Clear Manhattan Stove Tabletop Fire Pit is made with top quality materials and features a smart design to ensure safe, practical use. The bottom of the product has Natural Wood Sealing, which will give you Protection from Heat and Scratch. Inside, there is a Fuel Container to prevent fuel from being absorbed into the cement. On the top, there is a Fire Extinguisher Lid so you can safely extinguish the flame while its in use and can keep the remaining duel as it is.

MINI FIREPLACE – If you are looking for an easy to use and versatile fire pit to suit various occasions, Fine & Clear Manhattan Stove Tabletop Fire Pit is the one for you. This compact but efficient fire pit stove works well with our bioethanol fuel to be used for multiple purposes, from indoor fireplace fire flame or tabletop stove for fun smores making, to outdoor picnic or backpacking stove, fire pit, or BBQ fire starter. Start cooking and camping fires anywhere with this mini fireplace!

RELIABLE SERVICE – We hope you enjoy using Fine&Clear product. It’s convenient and efficient for all your fire starting needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. This tabletop fireplace fire pit comes in a stylish round shape in gray/black colors with lid that is also a built-in fire extinguisher. Get one or more for the whole family to enjoy and share with friends as a pleasant gift. Warning: Caution when dealing with alcohol fuels and open flame stove.

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